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Welcome to Eco Event Source! We are focused on removing barriers to sustainable solutions and advancing sustainable solutions through gathering, lifestyle, conscious work and play. We work with and help build CSR corporate social responsibility programs, campaigns, programs and initiatives that scale sustainability. If you aren’t familiar with us here are a few key points to start with:

We are fact-based, connecting experts. We believe that the best quality, tested resources, produce better results, more meaningful, memorable, experiences. We connect solutions to challenges with strategies, then we implement and or teach others how to. We are purpose and results driven. We are challenge takers, that’s-not-a-problem solvers. We create and inspire innovation that makes sense. We develop sustainable motivation backed by reality. We are no-joke experienced and recognized pros. 

We help friends, communities, and individuals live, work and play better. We help friends leading brands and organizations to align their brands and mission values to a greater good for greater success, with strategies and actions that have measurable and sometimes when it matters more – an immeasurable effect. 

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1 Stardust Ocean

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure to work with amazing people we call friends whose trust in our representation of their history, brands, lives and work has brought them back to us year after year. It has lead us to reopen the doors for communications, branding, strategy and development. 

Our core.

Enter The Stardust Ocean: eCo Event Source Sustainable Solutions and Advisers, Stardust Waves Communications, Susty.Sites smart sustainable development and catalysts Black Tie Green Label & Live Sustainable XYZ. More to come, sign up for updates below. 


Our work is powered by leaders with over 80 years of collective professional experience across verticals including all disciplines of: public relations, traditional and new media, ISO 20121, entertainment, CSR, CPG, technology, design, live production, marketing, advertising and development.

Our team members have lead the way for teams, initiatives, movements and brands with dedication, thought leadership and memorable execution with experiences, events, media, communications, business, development, technology, community, NGO operations, municipal services, logistics, touring, entertainment, nonprofit, information services, marketing, advertising, promotions, production, talent management, operations auditing, impact measurement, consulting, sponsorship, gifting, incentives, awards, programs, campaigns, social media, public relations and much more.

Accessible, Valued, First.

Innovative Sustainable Motivation

Our philosophy is that being sustainable means smarter, better, lasting.

It’s more than survival.

It means thriving and connecting; playing our part as global citizens and our local community at our best potential.

We are: Inclusive. Accessible. Passionate. Open. Committed to Impact-driven, Sustainable Momentum.

Its for delivering our best to help us all live and work responsibly to benefit our environment, economy, culture and people.

Our team brings projects & visions to life with omni-channel experience with a focus on humanist approaches using cutting edge custom solutions.

Following our passion to connect & improve the present and future

While following our passion and building on our experience, knowledge and network we’ve had the remarkable pleasure of working with wonderful clients, partners and teams. Here are a few

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Unsurpassed Level of Services

Our team at eCo Event Source, is made up of in-touch, empowering, highly respected experts, hard-working compassionate, professionals and partners. As a group we have a wide diversity of cultures, heritage, educations and backgrounds.

Together we’ve worked to change the narrative for responsibility since 1999 and brought those experiences with us to create eCo Event Source. We’ve worked with some of the best from around the world, firms, intellectual property, facility and event owners and agencies, independent and major production companies, manufacturers and distributors -private and public sector, large and small, individuals, projects, programs and campaigns that the world has to offer.


We work with clients to remove barriers to sustainability taking hold in society and business through intelligent & responsible sourcing for events in life and business. Smarter more responsible spaces, homes, gatherings, technology, operations and strategy.

We create wholly sustainable experiences and solutions that integrate best in class talent and options both traditional and new. We produce plans, coordinate and organize events, marketing, experiences and communications. We help create strategies, analysis, build bridges of connectivity and transparency, conduct research and produce sustainable developments.

We help people connect with sustainable options for all of their events in life and business. We work with friends from across many industries from concept to clean up, source to shelf, breaking ground to a year-round operations.

Earth | Life | Culture | Profit


We are purpose-driven innovation and sustainable motivation.

We help individuals, brands and organizations align their values to a greater good with strategies and actions, spaces and place-making that have a positive measurable effect. 

Eco friendly, sustainable, triple bottom line – people, planet and profit – loving and here for those who advocate for our collective well-being & growth!